100 Strangers: Tout Suite, Houston, TX


"...I just got off from work. I work for a women's center and I'm a therapist there. So about half the time I'm counseling and the other half I'm on call. Whenever I get that call, I'm going to one of the medical centers to help someone who's been sexually abused.  I've been wanting to get certified as a sex therapist ever since I started college back in 2007. I really want to work with people and talk to them about sex just because. Many people think I want to do this because I have an obsession with sex. But it's not that at all. It's just that I'm not scared to talk about it. And in order to be a good sex therapist you have to be willing to not only be comfortable talking about the subject matter itself, but you also have to help other people with it as well. 

I believe Finland is the country that starts sex education at the age of 5 in the school system. And they start from day one. The children there know the correct anatomical names for their body parts. But the thing is, everything they teach has an element of Love to it. 

I personally don't think there's an age too young to talk about sex. Unfortunately here in America... the baby boomer generation... I think it was because of what they went through in Vietnam and the drug scare, etc. All of these things unfortunately created this element of fear. And what the older generation has to understand is that- whether it's drugs, sex, alcohol, or whatever; with young people, if we pretend like it doesn't exist, it makes them want to do it more. Even worse, they'll do it less informed and they'll make poorer decisions than they would if they were fully educated."- Mary-Francis