100 Strangers: French Quarter, New Orleans, LA


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"What was it that motivated me to spit rhymes on the street like this? I think it was an urgency for the community. So I knew that I had a talent that God wanted me to provide for the people that had substance. So I cater to uplift people's spirits.

At first it was nerve wrecking because I didn't know how people would accept me. There's like thousands and thousands of people walking by me everyday. But at the same time, I realized I had a bigger purpose and the people that I was affecting through the music- it became more of a must for them than it was for me.

I'm a real believer in my faith and a true man of God. And He always said 'talents make room for a man'. 

So the true meaning for why I do this is to give a medium to touch the people and to find out how to uplift them so we can find out how to make the world better."- Ray