100 Strangers: French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

Eszter & Tim

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"I'm a musician. Eszter was living in Budapest ... She ended up getting a job on the cruise ship which was the same ship where I started playing in the show band as a trumpet player. The way it works on the ship is you have a contract that expires between 2 to 9 months maybe. So it's like you meet someone and you normally don't see them again after your contract is up. Me and Eszter met on that ship but my contract was up about a month and a half after we met. So it was one of those "bye, probably never see you again, have a nice life" kind of things.  

Something intervened and out of all the hundreds and hundreds of ships that we could've been on; we ended up on the same ship again. The bad part was, I was only there for 2 days. So we had to say bye again! 

So we stayed in touch with each other. But then we both thought 'hey let's see if we can get on the same ship again.'  So she contacted her people and I contacted mine. Next thing you know we end up on the same ship again with a 6 month contract. We were so happy! But then, a month into the contract I get a call requesting me to transfer. So we ended up saying goodbye again. 

Later down the road we knew things were getting serious between us. So we would just fly across the world to see each other. I would fly to Budapest to see her and she would fly where I was to see me.  

The whole reason of us staying together this long is...man... We've said goodbye to each other more than anyone else. We've been married for 6 years and out of those 6 years we've probably been together for 3 of them (meaning living in the same city). We've realized nothing is ever worth leaving each other. We've fought so hard to be together and we don't care how mad we get at each other, we would never leave..." Tim & Eszter