100 Strangers: East End Studio Gallery, Houston, TX


I'm originally from New York City and I've been living here in Houston for 8 years now. My family moved out here when I was in High School. I'll probably be one of the first to say this, but I definitely like Houston more than NYC. Houston is super chill with great vibes. I'm a photographer and I attend the Art Institute of Houston.

I'm the ultimate optimist. I like to think that everything in my life is going to go how I want it to go.

One of my greatest challenges was finding my freedom. I was in a 6 year relationship where I found myself stuck. So I had to be brave and be honest and decide to do what's best for me. I took a trip to Costa Rica where I participated in an  Ayahuasca Ceremony. It really changed my life and opened my mind to a lot of things. Mother Ayahuasca filled me with Love towards all living beings. She took away all my guilt and all my doubt. I felt reborn after that. I feel like a different person."- Janice Contreras