100 Strangers: East End Studio Gallery, Houston, TX


"In my daily affairs, I'm a firefighter. In my journey to become a Houston firefighter I was met with a resistance that I had not foreseen. I had been accustomed to jumping hurdles, because I create my own path in life, but this was different... What I noticed was that despite the fact that I had come to associate the fire service (Houston Fire Department specifically) with concepts like "service", "honor", and "dignity", it was up to me to bring those to work. They would not be plainly featured for me to partake of. I had to fight tooth and nail at some point during the process to keep my job because of the inability or unwillingness of part of my organization's "leadership" to embody those previously mentioned concepts. A sort of sh*&ty abandonment... 

After some reflection, I recognized that the beauty of having to supply yourself with morality, is that it feels so much more fulfilling when you succeed."- Victor Blanchard