100 Strangers: Cutthroat Barbers on Washington Ave., Houston, TX

Shayne the Barber

"...after 28 years of cold weather in Chicago, me and my family decided to move to Houston. We've been living out here for 2 weeks and I see this being our new home for a long time.

I've been cutting hair for 6 years now. It's crazy how it all started. See I had gotten into a little trouble back in the day so it was hard for me to find work. My mother saved me though. She bought me some clippers and was like 'you should give this a try'. So this girl I was dating at the time; I would practice cutting her brother's hair for experience. I scarred him up real bad (laughs). I was pushing his hairline back, had him bleeding and everything (laughs).

But I instantly had a passion for it. Regardless of how much I messed up, I wanted to do better. So I went to barber school for a one year program, got out, then went under a mentorship of a Chi-Town barber. The rest was history.

It's almost like a blessing that I got in that trouble back then because if I didn't, I would probably end up taking that typical '9 to 5' route working crazy long hours..." - Shayne the Barber