100 Strangers: 3rd Ward Almeda Rd., Houston, TX



"Since the 4th grade, I've always had a desire to paint. I think one of my first sketches was Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall".  But when I won the H.I.S.D. (Houston Independent School District) award in art, they presented to the Houston Museum of Fine Art and I won first place. After that, I just couldn't put the paint brush down. But then again I did. As a child, I kind of fluctuated with what I wanted to do in life. Then I came back to it strong in my adulthood and I haven't stopped since. 

Right now I'm just spreading love with my artwork. Eventually, I'll be getting into these art museums where my prices will increase massively. But right now, these are like Michael Jordan rookie cards that I'm selling. So I just want people to catch me while it's right now before it starts getting hotter.-" Shayne