100 Strangers: Montrose Blvd., Houston, TX


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"I'm in town for my two friends who are getting married and they want me to officiate the wedding. Also my sister had a baby and it's been a while since I've been back. So I'll be in town for a few weeks to catch up with everyone. 

I currently teach English and I work for a theater in Prague, Europe. It's a beautiful city, but at the same it's also kind of stuck in the past a little bit. I've been considering moving to Berlin or a major international city  where it's more contemporary.

I've always wanted to move abroad, but one my biggest obstacles was deciding between what you need, what you want and what you can let go of. There's kind of always a justification or reason for why you shouldn't do what you want. And its really really tricky to just say "I don't need all of this sh**" and let it go. So when I left the States on my way to Thailand, there was a process of a couple of months where I was kind of like whittling down my life to just one bag. So when I finally got everything down to just my laptop bag and one main bag, I arrive at the airport to Thailand and they lose my main bag. Eventually they found the bag but while the duration of the time not having it, there was a moment in my life where I realized I could actually do without any of that. Like... I'll be fine. Like I wouldn't mind having certain things but at the same time, I'll be okay if I don't have it.

I think the whole process of letting go of things can be really really difficult but also very liberating as well."- Nick Hansen