100 Strangers: Texas Ave., Baytown, TX




"So, what is something you're really hoping for right now?"

Rebecka- "One thing I hope for more than anything is world peace, like, for everyone." 

"What made you feel that way?"

Rebecka- It all started when I was younger. I was trying to get closer to God and I started seeing so many Christians being persecuted and.... I don't know, I just want for everyone to be able to live equally...

"So what are one of your greatest fears?"

Rebecka-One of my greatest fears is just dying without trying...

"Explain that.."

Rebecka- "I mean, I was thinking about this at work the other day. Like I notice a lot of kids today who just give up on everything so quickly. Like, one day you're going to get old and look back and ask yourself 'Did I put any effort into my life?' That's why you have to try,  try so hard everything single day. You never what's going to come out of it. You can either do better for yourself or do something for someone else. You want to leave this world knowing that you gave a little bit, rather it be noticed or unnoticed. At least you tried..."