100 Strangers: SXSW 6th Street, Austin, TX

Himanshu The Monk

"... Through knowledge and meditation, you can elevate yourself to a point where you can learn to give to others  who are always seeing others for your exploitation; which is what happens in the name of relationships and Love. We're simply exploiting one another. It's true, that moment you stop sleeping with your girlfriend, she doesn't want to be with you anymore. If you're broke, she doesn't love you anymore. What does this mean? It means she wasn't interested in you for who you are, she was interested in what you were doing for her. And the same goes for us guys. If she doesn't want to sleep with us anymore, we lose interest in her.

So are we caring for the person or are we caring about ourselves. At every level of society our conscious is filled with selfish desires but unless you learn to give, you can never learn to Love

This is our message..." - Himanshu The Monk