100 Strangers: The Doshi House, 3rd Ward, Houston,TX

Rabea Ballin

How and when did you develop a passion for art?

Rabea-"I developed a passion for art early on, this included music. My mother had a passion for traveling, cultures, and craft. She always had an interesting project going on, still does. I recognized pretty early on that I had a paralyzing fear of performing, so I knew that I wasn't going to be a musician. For me, art was a more private way of developing my voice...I still get nervous."


What are you most optimistic about in your life at this present moment?

Rabea- "I am optimistic that I am doing exactly what I am meant to do. This provides a sense of security that I am extremely aware of. In that regard, I am interested in maintaining a super simple life. This includes food, self care, and nurturing relationships. I am optimistic that helping others brings a joy that material things can't replace. I am optimistic that I will never give up my craft because I truly love what I do."