100 Strangers: Mardi Gras, 25th st, Galveston, TX


"To whom much is given, much is required. I must say, that I have been afforded the opportunity to live a rich and colorful life. A blessed life. Of my 7 siblings, I was the first to go to college. My father, the late David E. Williams gave me no other choice and I'm glad that he instilled that value in me.  After graduating from UNT with a degree in Economics, I had dreams of being the first woman "Allen Greenspan". God however had other plans for me. 
I was offered a position back home in Galveston to teach at the middle school so I accepted it. A vast majority of the students were Black or Hispanic, of low socio-economic status, and considered At Risk. I felt as though God was trying to use me to make my community better. My seven years of teaching centered around creating better citizens, better adults, that would one day grow up to be productive. I taught Texas History, Math, and Algebra according to my title. But to me, I taught LIFE. 
I am now an adjunct professor with Galveston College. It brings me so much joy to see many of my former students enrolled and being successful in college. Many of them are a lot like me, first generation college students. I am so optimistic about their futures as well as mine. I am living my dream. I can now help adults create a better life for themselves and their family.  My two children Elijah "Mr. Beans", and Alexandria Grey are healthy, happy, and surrounded by love. I have been given MUCH! And there is so much more to come" Dylan Robertson