100 Strangers: Toute Suite, Downtown Houston, TX


"... I drank from a separate water fountain until I was 11 years old; which meant there were two water fountains. One that was labeled "whites only" and the other being labeled "coloreds only". And when I was growing up, I use to always wonder what was different about the water coming out of the other fountain. Because as fearful as my mother would get when I got closer to that fountain marked "whites only", I knew there must've been something damn good coming out of that other fountain. So I developed this curiosity and I had a quest.  And the quest was it was something never right, that never settled with me about a world with two fountains. 

Now there was one fountain at this one place where my momma would take me to every week if I could get there.  It was at the Houston Zoo. It was the lion head fountain. And the key was, there weren't two lion head fountains. It was just one. So I'm saying to myself 'man these people at the damn zoo got it figured out'. So I would get in line and I would always feel this sense of power when I would get water at the zoo because all the other kids had to get in the same line as me. 

So what I'm looking for... Is a world with ONE fountain... And when we get to that world, it's going to be a great place." - Rudy Rasmus