100 Strangers: Tout Suite, Downtown Houston, TX


Celia Rehm.jpg

"So what are most optimistic about in life right now?" 


Celia: "I'm a manipulator of materials, so I'm mostly optimistic about my art right now just because it's been a while since I've been clear headed or in a situation that I can actually, like,  see the big picture, not just the ideas... but I can see the space and the installation and stuff like that. So I'm really excited about that PLUS I got a new job yesterday (laughs)"


"Nice, now my next question is totally opposite"


Celia: "Ok"


"What's your biggest fear?"


Celia: "Being with the wrong person again."


"Now where does that fear come from?"


Celia: "It comes from an abusive relationship. Being in one those and not realizing how bad it was until I stepped back from it"