100 Strangers: Tout Suite Cafe, Downtown Houston


"... That's the problem with Love, we come into it with all these ideas; it comes from our parents and our families and what we experienced and seen as children on what we idealize as "Love" ... 

I always reflect on this poem, this William Yeats poem that says:


I met the Bishop on the road 

And much said he and I. 

`Those breasts are flat and fallen now 

Those veins must soon be dry; 

Live in a heavenly mansion, 

Not in some foul sty.' 

`Fair and foul are near of kin, 

And fair needs foul,' I cried. 

'My friends are gone, but that's a truth 

Nor grave nor bed denied, 

Learned in bodily lowliness 

And in the heart's pride. 

`A woman can be proud and stiff 

When on love intent; 

But Love has pitched his mansion in 

The place of excrement; 

For nothing can be sole or whole 

That has not been rent.'


So, you can't really have Love until it's broken. You can't experience fully what that is until you fall and pick yourself up off of that dirty ground and kind of like wipe all the s*#t off..." - Michael