100 Strangers: Million Man March 2015, Washington, D.C.

Mannie King

"What brought me here was...20 years ago...My mother wasn't into this type of stuff but my father was. My father was what you can call a 'mason muslim', my mother was a christian and my grandmama was a methodist. So my family was all mixed up when it came to religion. So over the years, I've just been doing a lot of seeking for myself to try and find out if we have one God and one devil, why we got a million ways to get to Him? So while seeking myself I discovered something called Islam, something called Yahweh and started connecting with the people who knew about that as well. So I was introduced with the opportunity to come out here because I'm tight with all the brothers out here in suits.

Outside of the march, I do a lot of activist work for the youth. Right now I'm teaching them about entrepreneurship. I just want to help them become more self sufficient so they can pass it on to generations to come..."